Marvelous Commyounity Membership Program
As a Marvelous Commyounity PTA Member, you support our mission to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. 
As a Marvelous Commyounity PTA Member, you will receive a certificate to proudly display in your home, office or business; a window decal for your car or business window; and acknowledgement at our delegate meeting, website & newsletter.  Local PTAs may choose to honor you as well!.
To be a Marvelous Commyounity PTA Member, join at least 3 local PTAs of your choice.  You also have the opportunity to select any of the Marvelous Commyounity Membership Packages listed below. 

For the Silver Membership Package: Please join 10 PTAs of your choice from our online store 


For the Bronze Membership Package: Please join 5 PTAs of your choice from our online store.


You may purchase your Marvelous Commyounity Membership with credit/debit card by registering on this website and going to our online store.  You may also print out this form and mail it along with a check to RRISD Council of PTAs, PO Box 1746, Round Rock, TX 78680. 

Contact Randall Goltzman, VP of Membership, with any questions regarding our Marvelous Commyounity Membership program.