What is the Clothes Closet?

The Clothes Closet is a service project conducted by the Round Rock Council of PTAs which provides genly used clothing as well as new socks and underwear to RRISD students. Check out our latest flyer.
How did Clothes Closet begin?
Read this brief history on the Clothes Closet, written by Clothes Closet Chair, Laura McGuigan during the 2010-2011 school year.


Who qualifies for the services of the Clothes Closet?

Vouchers, good for one (1) school year, (August through May), are issued by school nurses to families in need.  A family's need may be an ongoing one or a temporary one. Families with children in multiple schools will require signed forms from the school nurse at each school their child attends. A nurse may not sign a form for a child attending another RRISD school.

Where is the Clothes Closet located and what are the hours of operation?

The Clothes Closet has 2 locations:
  • Xenia Voigt Elementary School
    1201 Cushing Drive
    Round Rock, TX 78664-6799
    (512) 244-4359
    The original and larger building is located in a portable on the south side of Voigt Elementary, 1201 Cushing Drive, Round Rock (the portable faces School Days Lane).  Hours of operation are: Wednesday and Thursday mornings, 9:30a-11:30a during the school year,excluding school holidays.  
How does the Clothes Closet obtain donations of clothing and new socks and underwear for its clients?

Clothes are donated by District families through their local schools.  Donations can be left with the school nurse.  The local PTAs contribute monetary donations each year to the RRISD Council of PTAs for support of the Clothes Closet.  These funds are used to purchase new underwear and socks.  Individual monetary donations are also accepted.  (Receipts are available.)

What do the Clothes Closet clients receive?  

Student clients receive 5 tops, 5 bottoms (pants, skirt, shorts or dress), 1 sweatshirt, 5 new pairs of underwear and 5 new pairs of socks per semester.

They may select one coat and one jacket per school year.  

Who staffs the Clothes Closet?

Each Clothes Closet shift is staffed by a Council PTA rep, who serves as the shift leader and by volunteers from each local elementary, middle and high school PTA.  The volunteer can be the schools Clothes Closet rep or any PTA volunteer or committee member designated by the Clothes Closet rep or PTA.

What are the responsibilities of each PTAs Clothes Closet representative?

1)   Each rep is to ensure that their school sends volunteers to cover their school's assigned shift at the Clothes Closet.

The operation of the Clothes Closet depends solely on the PTA volunteers.  During the 2 hr. shift, the volunteers unpack and hang donated clothing as well as assist the shift leader behind the counter if necessary, with the distribution of socks and underwear and bagging of clothes.

2)  Publicizes the Clothes Closet and the need for donations at school.  (School newsletter, PTA meetings).  Donations are normally left with the school nurse.  The school nurse is then able to look through the clothing for anything she might need on her own campus before it is taken to the Clothes Closet.  The Clothes Closet rep may also suggest donations be dropped off in a designated container at school.  This is your preference. Monthly reminders in your schools enews for donations and volunteers are always helpful!

3)  Sorts and launders clothing donations from school prior to delivering to Closet.  (See Clothing Donation Guidelines)

4) Arranges delivery of donations to the Clothes Closet during hours of operation.

5) Coordinates sock and/or underwear and/or clothing drives at school.  





TOPS (graphic Tshirts and teen Tshirts always needed),

BOTTOMS (kids and teen pants are always needed, too),


  1. Appropriate for students in Grades Pre-K thru 12 only


  1. Conforms to RRISD dress code
  2. Free of stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.


Our student clients want to dress like their peers.  

Please take this into consideration when selecting clothes to donate.


  1. Laundered and ready to hang.

(Hangers are provided.)



(No-show socks, boxers & boxer briefs are popular with students.)


So that we may make the most of our volunteers time and because of limited space, we ask that you do not bring the following items to the Clothes Closet.  Please donate them to another venue of your choosing.


Adult style clothing and career wear

Stained, worn out clothing

Infant & toddler clothing

Shoes, belts and accessories



Backpacks and lunch boxes

Previously worn socks and underwear

Local school spirit wear, logo shirts from places of employment, local sports leagues, church camps, etc.


Texas Longhorn, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, etc. apparel is okay.